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Road Safe America is dedicated to making our highways safer.

We feel that the number of crashes between heavy commercial trucks and passenger vehicles is not only horrendously high, but also can be easily improved. We call for the required use of speed governors which limit the maximum speed these trucks can travel to 65 mph. We also encourage the use of all other forms of technology which could make the heavy truck a safer vehicle with which to share the road.

Road Safe America is not anti-trucking. We feel that the average trucker is not treated with the respect and courtesy they deserve. After all, they provide “backbone” services to the entire economy. They are also often overworked due to an incredibly dangerous and unfair predominant pay method – pay by-the-mile. We believe that this is not only unsafe, but also immoral. Press coverage and press releases from Road Safe America:

Making a Difference
Video Courtesy of Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters,

Co-Founder Steve Owings Interview on MSNBC


Co-Founders Steve and Susan Owings interview on NBC “Today Show”


Steve Owings, Co-Founder of Road Safe America, Receives Community Service Award from Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation


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The term “tractor-trailer” or "big-rig" used on this website
refers to all Class 8 trucks which is the heaviest class.

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