What is the goal of Road Safe America?
Road Safe America is working to make our highways safer by limiting the top speed of tractor-trailer trucks. As virtually every driver has experienced, many trucks travel at dangerously high speeds. We want a national rule that requires operational speed governors in trucks, limiting them to 65 miles an hour, with serious consequences for violators.

Why is it important to limit the top speed of trucks?
Our highways are deadly. Five thousand people a year die and more than 130,000 people are injured in accidents involving large trucks. When tractor-trailers and cars collide in a fatal crash, 98 percent of the fatalities occur in the cars. It's clear why: for a car to have the force of a tractor-trailer, which weighs 80,000 pounds, traveling at 60 mph, it would have to be speeding at over 300 mph. Limiting trucks to reasonable speeds will make our highways significantly safer while preserving truckers' important jobs.

Would adding speed governors be a burdensome
expense for truck drivers?

No. All tractor-trailer trucks come equipped with governors, and safe drivers use them because they are aware of the need to drive at safe speeds. But too many truck owners don't use the governors, so they can travel as fast as they like.

Is Road Safe America anti-trucking?
No. We realize trucks are vital to our economy, and most drivers are careful and courteous. In fact, many trucking companies support our cause and are helping us.

Why do some trucking companies not use speed governors?
In some cases, trucking companies think they are more profitable by allowing any speed. Our position is that all companies must operate safely.

How can I get involved?
We welcome your involvement!