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Below are examples of how other countries are leading the way and examples of how we can find solutions to the problems with the Trucking Industry.

In the EU, speed is governed at 56 mph (90kmph) and has been for decades. Driving hours are 45 hours per week, and piece-work pay (by the mile or by the job) is specifically prohibited. Mechanical/electronic logging has been required for decades.

In Australia speed is governed. Hourly pay for all hours worked is now required. Also, in what they call a “chain of responsibility”, if a truck driver causes a crash, all parties to the shipment are potentially liable. In other words, the shipper and receiver know that they had better not do anything that can be interpreted as encouraging reckless or fatigued driving.

In Japan, the speeds are governed at 55MPH.

The Ontario and Quebec provinces in Canada require commercial motor vehicles to be equipped with speed limiters set at 65 mph (105 kmph). Within one year of implementation, fatal large truck crashes dropped by 24 percent in Ontario according to a recently released study done there.

The term “tractor-trailer” or "big-rig" used on this website
refers to all Class 8 trucks which is the heaviest class.

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