The United States Department of Transportation is seriously considering making a rule that requires all heavy commercial vehicles to engage their speed governors at a top speed of 65 MPH. This Rule would make our roads much safer for truckers and passenger car drivers alike.

The Secretary of Transportation respects and appreciates guidance from elected officials on Capitol Hill. Asking for help from your local Congressman/woman and Senators can result in this rule being enacted.

Below is a sample letter you can send to your elected official:

Dear Senator / Congressman/woman

The Secretary of Transportation is strongly considering issuing a rule requiring that speed governors (which have been standard equipment since 1992) on our heaviest commercial trucks be programmed to limit maximum speeds to 65 MPH. This change will save hundreds of lives each year according to the FMCSA and increase the trucking industry’s profitability.
I would like to strongly encourage you to use the persuasive powers of your office to contact The Secretary of Transportation and insist that this common sense rule-making is implemented immediately.

Thank you.

Congressmen and Senators can be reached via phone, fax or email: