Road Safe America salutes the bi-partisan effort of the US House and Senate as they pass a historic Transportation Bill that includes numerous safety changes.

For immediate release July 3, 2012
Contact: Louise Monti

Road Safe America Applauds Congress
For Bi-Partisan Transportation Bill

Road Safe America, one of America’s leading voices for heavy commercial vehicle safety, said today that they are delighted with the safety improvements included in the new Transportation Bill. “Congressional leaders, including Senators Boxer and Inhofe, as well as Congressman Mica, are to be commended for their hard work and willingness to compromise in order to get this key legislation passed,” said Steve Owings, Co-Founder and President of Road Safe America.

Included in the bi-partisan Bill are key safety changes that have been promoted strongly by safety advocate groups like Road Safe America. Industry leading trade groups like the American Trucking Associations and dozens of their safety minded member companies also support the safety initiatives. “Jobs will be the biggest headline in the mass media and that’s good of course,” said Owings, “but in the trucking industry itself, the mandate for electronic logging of drive time for commercial trucks and the updating of minimal financial requirements for truck companies are huge steps toward safer highways. These rules, along with the new drug and alcohol database, will go a long way towards reducing truck/car fatalities in America.

“This is a great day for safety in America!” said Owings today. Steve Owings and his wife, Susan, founded Road Safe America in 2003 after their son, Cullum, was killed when his car – stopped in an interstate traffic jam – was crushed from behind by a speeding tractor trailer going eight miles per hour above the posted speed limit on cruise control. Since that tragic event, Steve and Susan, through Road Safe America, have worked to make our highways safer for all travelers.