Road Safe America continues to encourage our friends to sign our Petition for mandatory speed governors and other vital safety improvements. Language for such legislation has been drafted and recommended for inclusion in the huge multiyear transportation bill being drafted. Our Petition is designed to influence the Administration and both the House and Senate to include the safety language in the final bill.

Unfortunately, the Obama Administration and the Senate agree that the current highway bill should be extended 18 months and not draft a new law. The primary reason for this desired delay is the need to find funding for the billions of dollars needed to rebuild highways and bridges the transportation bill will include. It is important to note that speed governors are already standard equipment on all trucks manufactured in this country since 1992 and there will be NO INCREASED COST to engage these safety tools.

House Committee Chairman James Oberstar is adamant that the new bill get drafted and funded now. The Congressman even has a proposal for funding a large part of the new bill as reported by Transport Topics on August 17: To partially bridge the gap, and to allay the “the queasiness in the Washington political environment,” Oberstar said he would seek $60 billion in bonds from the Treasury Department for the Highway Trust Fund, and allow the fund to repay those bonds “after the economy has returned to two quarters of positive economic growth.”

Congressman Oberstar’s first draft includes the use of Electronic On-Board Computers which is another critical safety tool, but as yet does not mandate the speed governors. It’s important to note that our Petition will be given to the President, Vice-President, Secretary of Transportation as well as the appropriate congressional leaders. Also, a separate regulatory petition for the speed governors specifically is pending at the Department of Transportation and President Obama and his administration can push this regulation through while the transportation bill is debated — THAT’S WHY OUR PETITION IS SO IMPORTANT. The more pressure we assert, the better chance action will be taken.

Please pass the word…

Road Safe America