Safety for Professional Truckers has never been more critical. Jason’s Law is designed to provide safe rest options for over the road professionals.

In March of 2009 Jason Rivenburg, and independent truck driver, the father of one with a pregnant wife was murdered as he rested in his big rig. Jason was waiting in an abandoned South Carolina gas station because there was no legal option for him at his destination or at a highway rest stop.

The trucking industry knows the dangers and expense of a 24 hour highway transportation system. It’s time the driving public understood, too. Jason’s Law is an attempt by Mr. Rivenburg’s family and friends to bring federal attention to a difficult situation. Professional truckers need a safe place to rest when not driving. Federal Hours-of-Service rules only allow a driver to be moving 11 hours in a day. For truckers who are involved in long-haul runs, this means they look for commercial truck stops or state operated rest areas to relax and eat and do what the rest of America takes for granted in an ordinary day. The driver’s day is certainly not ordinary. It’s dangerous enough being up front of an 80,000 pound vehicle traveling at highway speed. The thought of an unsafe place to get mandated rest should never enter a family man’s mind.

Road Safe America strongly supports the efforts of Congressman Paul Tonko of New York, Jason’s home state, to pass legislation (Jason’s Law) requiring the Department of Transportation to use Federal funds to establish safe resting areas where necessary. In the current difficult fiscal environment, too many states find themselves desperate for funds and unwisely close rest areas to save state money. This short-sighted measure saves money while risking lives. Sometimes the Federal Government needs to get involved.

The mission of Road Safe America is to eliminate the fatal crashes between heavy commercial vehicles and passenger cars. We take strong stands on the use of new technology and common sense to make our highways safer. We are certainly not anti-trucker, we are pro truck safety. Jason’s Law will help the professional trucker almost immediately, and by having rested drivers behind the wheel, make all of us safer as we travel America’s roadways.

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Tom Hodgson
Executive Director
Road Safe America