Here are solutions to the problems with the Trucking Industry:

  • Pay Structure: Pay truck drivers for every hour they work, including overtime pay treatment. These hardworking Americans provide an essential service to our economy and our country. Truck drivers should be paid like the professionals they are expected to be, and usually are.
  • Tracking Driving Time: Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) will replace paper log books as a driver’s means of tracking the amount of hours he or she has driven and worked. Road Safe America worked with other safety advocacy groups to successfully promote legislation and a rulemaking that mandates ELDs in large trucks by December 2017. The implementation of this technology will reduce fatigued driving and the crashes associated with it.
  • Minimum Insurance: Immediately raise the insurance minimum to an amount that accounts for inflation since the 1980s, and then index it to inflation or medical-cost inflation to anticipate necessary, future increases and keep this travesty from repeating itself.
  • Schedule II Drug Use: Remove the Schedule II opioid exception for truckers or, at the least, require clear documentation proving that this permission was received from a medical professional.
  • Interstate vs. Intrastate Trucking: Make all big-rigs subject to the federal rules and regulations that govern Interstate trucking, like every other freight mode.

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The term “tractor-trailer” or "big-rig" used on this website
refers to all Class 8 trucks which is the heaviest class.

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